Looking to stand out of a crowd at your exhibition?

Did you know it takes approx. 3 seconds for a visitor to pass your stand? Which means you have just three seconds to catch people’s attention and encourage
them to stop by your stand.

Are you looking to WOW the crowd at your exhibition?
You need to be clear and concise with your message to ensure visitors do not
sail past your stand. An outstanding design and graphic display will grasp the
attention of attendees.

Having the right set of furniture to accommodate your guests for a professional conversation will speak of your brand.

After the entire dress up, you do not want to look shabby with an old carpet,
and the best practice is to have one which matches your color scheme.
Audio visuals are brilliant way to enhance your space using video, sounds, lighting and
graphics to highlight your stand, and will differentiate you from other exhibitors.

What we do for you?

We create a meaningful engaging experience off an empty space!
We understand that most of our clients are based outside of the UAE, and our top
priority is to ensure a hassle free process, attention to detail, quality artwork,
and timely delivery.

Why not leave the job to the experts, as we provide a customized solution for you?

We take your requirements, proofing of your artwork, and
share with you the final design.

Followed by printing of artwork, placing furniture where it belongs, and lighting up
your stand to place your brand on spotlight, free delivery and installation on site.
In-house facilities available for concept and graphic design

Ubutu is speacialised in areas of exhibitions to ensure the look and feel of your
stand, and will assist and guide you through the process of having a lasting
memorable experience.

Worried they will remember you?

We got you covered, as we have a wide variety of promotional material which
you can choose from. We will have your branding on the promotional item so
that your visitors have a memory to take home with them. Thinking of a
brochure, we will do it for you.

Is your exhibition around the corner?

You are never late than ever. We understand that exhibitions can be
overwhelming as this is not your expertise.

Why not leave it to the experts to do what they do best?

Ubutu experts will work closely with you even if your show time is just around the
corner, as we understand the importance of looking good on show day.

Talk to a Ubutu Expert

Speak to our team and let's talk about your next event, exhibit or show.